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Are you feeling lost, lonely, depressed, confused, or angry? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then please come see our coach….we can help!

Facing your challenges alone can be very difficult because most of us carry deep inner wounds that often happened to us early on in life and are causing majority of our negative behaviours as adults.

Here at TogetherWeAre, our coaches use the very specific, unique coaching method – The Journey Method to help you heal these past wounds.

This coaching is for you if you want to understand your past wound, what it is, where it came from, how it is influencing your life today and most importantly – resolve it completely so you can feel much better about yourself and your life.


An individual coaching session takes you to the root of any dysfunctional pattern that obscures and shuts you off. The powerful processes have helped 200 000+ people completely turn their lives around.


lack of motivation,
anxiety, fear, feelings of


…inability to forgive, conflict,
dysfunctional patterns,
unhealthy communication


…negative self talk, anxiety,
stress, paralysing fears,
not living your potential…


unresolved past trauma
on a cellular level,
emotion based illness…


…money-blocking beliefs,
financial security, career issues…


…finding your purpose,
inner peace,
deeper connection to Self


TogetherWeAre partners with some of the most experienced coaches and therapists from all around the world. Each coach is an Accredited Journey Practitioner and has also trained and certified in a specific healing modality that they have practiced with thousands of clients over the course of their career. They have a vast experience in working with people individually online from the comfort of your home.

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why meet with a coach

  • Release from painful, destructive emotions
  • Increase in energy and motivation
  • Freedom from previously limiting beliefs
  • A sense of clarity and a greater sense of wholeness
  • Improved overall wellbeing and physical health
  • A strong sense of inner peace and feeling “lighter”
  • Improved mood and less anxiety
  • Decrease in overall stress and greater ability to handle stress when it occurs
  • Freedom from past resentments & greater capacity for forgiveness
  • Healthier, more satisfying relationships
  • Ability to live more fully in the here and now
  • Greater ability to achieve goals and lessen procrastination
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Q. Who are the coaches?

  • The coaches were hand selected from over 3000 practitioners from across the globe. Each one had to personally apply to be available to you for these intimate sessions. While their experience, expertise and background vary, they all have at least 5 years of counselling experience and are all Accredited Practitioners of the Journey Method for which they have successfully completed the necessary training, case studies and practice.

    The session you’ll have together is tailor-made for your specific emotional and/or physical blocks, quickening the speed of your growth, healing & personal liberation.

    After you book and submit a short questionnaire, we will connect you to an available coach who fits your needs, time zone and language.

    Our coaches are from varying timezones and cover all the different continents, so regardless of where you’re from, you’ll be able to schedule a meeting for your timezone and where possible, be matched with someone who speaks your native tongue.

Q. What happens after I book the session?

  • Right after booking you will receive a short questionnaire where we ask a few questions to get to know you a better. Depending on your needs, we’ll match you up with the coach who has suitable experience to help in your specific case.

    The selected coach will get in touch with you (in most cases within 24hours) after you’ve submitted your reply and together you’ll agree the best time for your session. All our coaches provide you with a safe and supportive healing space that’s tailored for your needs.

Q: Is the coaching right for me?

  • Our coaching is for people who have already realised that something in their life needs to shift in order to get to the next level. It’s not for you if you’re in the mindset that somebody else out there is responsible for your problems. If you have realised that you have the power to change your life and you just don’t know exactly how to do it – then our coaches can help you.

    Doing a Process with a coach is tailored to your individual needs and designed to find the real underlying reason of your issue. If there are unresolved emotional issues in your life that interfere with your happiness and/or prevent you from achieving your goals, our coaches will focus on helping you in these areas.

    While we will do everything we can to support you during the Process, our coaches and TogetherWeAre cannot be held responsible for either your personal process work and or any of its results.

    Our coaching is not the right solution for you if any of the following is true:


    • You have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness, or if you have been advised to be under psychological supervision or psychiatric care
    • You are frequently under the influence of illegal drugs
    • You were required to undergo therapy or counseling either by a court order or by any other authority
    • You are a minor
    • You do not have a device that can connect to the Internet or you do not have a reliable Internet connection.

Can this process replace medical treatment?

  • No. This process is not designed to take you away from whatever healing or health programme you are on, whether orthodox or alternative. It is meant to enhance and support you on your own path of healing and growth and you can freely use it alongside whatever other healing modality you choose.

Q. Can an online meeting substitute for a face-to-face meeting?

  • Our coaches have vast experience in offering coaching sessions online and have hundreds of satisfied clients who find it very supportive to do the sessions from the safety of their own home.

    While the online session may have similar benefits to a physical meeting, it’s not a substitute for traditional face-to-face session in every case. Please note that your coach can’t make any official diagnosis or prescribe medication.

Q: Do you only offer coaching in English?

  • All our coaches speak English, however they do come from across the world and where possible, we will try to match you with a coach who speaks your native tongue.

    At the moment we can offer coaching in German, Dutch, Slovak, Estonian, Hebrew — you can choose your language when you’re scheduling the session with a practitioner and do the process in your native language (if the ones I mentioned above cover your native language and the coach is available).

Q: What is the typical duration of each session?

  • Each session is between 1,5-2 hours long.

Q: What is the Journey Method?

  • The Journey Method is a profound methodology that helps address and resolve the underlying emotional cause of your issue. It’s been used by more than 200,000 people to turn their lives around completely.

    The Journey Method has helped people struggling with a variety of mental health issues, physical health symptoms and conditions, and many other life issues and challenges. It was developed by international best-selling author and mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays.

Q: Do I need any previous experience?

  • No, you will be fully guided throughout the process by the coach and don’t need any prior preparation or education.

Q: What to expect from the coaching session?

  • You will be guided through an eyes closed introspective process that enables you to uncover and access painful emotions and memories – ones that have been trapped and stored in the cells of your body for years.

    Once accessed, you and your coach will work together to identify and understand how the current problems you’re experiencing are connected to these memories and release the painful emotions associated with them. This emotional liberation is what facilitates healing and allows you to experience positive changes in all areas of your life.