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If you’re tired of living small and believe that there is something more to life. If you thirst for freedom and healing and want to open into inner peace, this community is for you.

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TogetherWeAre is an online platform to share the wisdom of amazing teachers with people worldwide who, want to tap into their inner power and are on a path of self-exploration, awakening and healing.

Through our free Masterclasses and summits, world-class online training programmes, a team of top teachers and coaches and an audience in 46 countries, we help people live as their highest potential.

It all started with small meditation events…

It all started eight years ago with a few small meditation events online with bestselling author Brandon Bays. Since the beginning we were passionate about making powerful healing tools available online to everyone who needs them – and before we knew it, our events were attracting tens of thousands of people.

By now we have produced a large number of online summits, Masterclasses and programmes with a number of bestselling authors and thought leaders, and work with thousands of clients from all across the globe.

Our goal is to teach you a diverse array of methods to help you live as your highest potential

Each week we’ll update our blog with the newest interviews, Masterclasses and articles on personal growth, holistic health, managing stress and anxiety, wealth, emotional and physical healing and so much more.

Our motto is to make everything we share as practical and applicable in your daily life as possible – and we work with teachers who are truly living examples of what is possible if you apply these methods into your own life.

Past guests include Lynne McTaggart, WAH, David Gibson, Janet Bray Attwood, Brandon Bays, Debra Poneman, Marie Diamond, Caroline Muir, Lisa Schrader, Penney Pierce, and many other leading teachers who offer their proven insights and practices.

We call it TogetherWeAre because we are all connected, we’re part of something greater, and we believe that only through giving you receive more.

Your life is precious. Cease the moment. Hug that kid. Say the words. Kiss that lover. Do what you want. Cough out that fur-ball stuck in your throat and let it out… It’s time to remove everything that holds you back from letting your true nature shine.


Our team of senior coaches are all Accredited Journey Practitioners,

a profound methodology to free yourself from old blocks and express your authentic self.

These 5 people tried out the Journey Method to overcome depression,

debilitating pain, traumatic past events, and emotional shut downs.


What they got were life-changing transformations.

Joe Doyle

Patricia Kendall

Laurie Collins

Geoff Knight

Carolyn Dean


I’m Marjam [pronounced mar-y-am], the founder and host of TogetherWeAre.

Born in Estonia, my own journey really started at the age of 19 when during my first year of university, I found myself as a young single mother. I spent the next five years working myself to exhaustion to “reach my goals” and “live the dream”. While I got to travel the world with my son and gained the external feedback of how strong and inspiring I am, I was also on the brink of depression.

The following years of soul searching took my son and I to Malaysia, USA, Costa Rica, Indonesia and all over Europe, seeking to reconnect with my true self. I was lucky to be guided by amazing teachers along the way, and trained by them in various meditation and emotional healing techniques.

I founded TogetherWeAre to share the wisdom of transformational teachers with people worldwide who need healing and support in their life.

Today I’ve produced a large number of online summits, Masterclasses and programmes with a number of bestselling authors and spiritual leaders, and have worked with clients from all across the globe. I’m now a mother of 2 and live with my family in Ubud, Bali.

Marjam Vaher

Founder of TogetherWeAre

Team behind TogetherWeAre

A great team delivers great content.

TogetherWeAre team is a group of conscious people that live according to the same principles we share with you, our community.

We do what we do because it’s fun, fulfilling and aligned with our personal mission in this world – to express our own true potential and help others around us do the same.

Our team includes programmers, writers and editors, community managers, copywriters… plus the many coaches and teachers that are involved in bringing this to you.

We’d love to hear from you! ♥


We work with a diverse group of senior coaches and therapists from all around the world. Each coach is an Accredited Journey Practitioner and has also trained and certified in a specific healing modality that they have practiced with thousands of clients over the course of their career.

They are excited to work with you individually in the comfort of your home and also offer free workshops through our blog on a regular basis.

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